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The Curriculum of The Foundation of Education School adheres to the National Curriculum. We believe that the classroom experiences of children are to be organized in a manner that permits them to construct knowledge in consonance with the child’s nature and context, thus providing equal learning opportunities for all children. Therefore, every resource is deployed in a child-centric manner to enable them to express themselves, handle objects, explore their natural and social milieu, and to grow up in good health.
Primary School
Primary Education has been identified as the most crucial stage in the education of a child. Our greatest asset in Primary Years is the passion of our teaching staff combined with the energy of our amazing young students. A concept based and application oriented teaching methodology is implemented to develop an independent, confident and committed student. The primary school curriculum aims at building student’s sense of identity and cultural awareness along with stimulating curiosity in order to foster a spirit of discovery and enjoyment of learning. We equip students with the skills to learn and acquire knowledge both individually and collaboratively to apply these skills and knowledge across a broad range of areas.
Middle School
From the Middle School, the curriculum takes on a broader facet. It focuses on a subject based curriculum using meaningful and rich assignments for accentuating learning experience. Middle school continues with the international teaching practices that are child centric and activity based and expands to accommodate more scientific inquiries and explorations.