The Foundation Of Education-Harda

School Dise. Code - 23360117208

School Regd. No. - 36234138


Self Affidavit

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I ,Jayshankar  Kanwa S/o Mr. Nandkishore Kanwa age 42 Secretary  of  “Saraswati Devi Kanwa Shikshan Samiti”, 90. LIG Colony, Harda, M.P running “The Foundation of Education”, Vikas Nagar,Chhipaner road, Harda, M.P  do hereby solemnly affirm and sincerely state as follows:-


That “Saraswati Devi Kanwa Shikshan Samiti”, 90. LIG Colony, Harda, M.P is a registered Society/Trust under the Act 1973 of 44.


That the “Saraswati Devi Kanwa Shikshan Samiti”, 90. LIG Colony, Harda, M.P is of Non-Proprietary Character.


That the school is being run as a community service and not as a business and that commercialization does not take place in the school in any manner whatsoever.


That no part of income from the Institution is being and will be diverted to any individual in the Trust/Society/Company/School Management Committee or to any other person/entity. The saving, if any, after meeting the recurring and non- recurring expenditure and contributions to developmental, Depreciation and contingency funds, will be further utilized for promoting the school and extending the cause of education in the same school only.


That school is not paying any charges towards using name, motto, logo or any other non-academic activities to any other institution, organization or body.


That the school will not open classes under CBSE pattern particularly class IX/X/XI/XII and will not use CBSE name in any manner without obtaining affiliation.


That the Principal and Correspondent/Manager of the school have individually gone through the provisions contained in the affiliation & examination byelaws and the circulars issued by the Board from time to time. The school undertakes to abide by the provisions contained in the affiliation & examination byelaws, directions issued from time to time and the law of the land.


That the school will ensure compliance of all statutory requirements like EPF, ESI and labour Laws etc. with respect to the school and staff of the school.


That the school will ensure that the Building Safety, Fire Safety, Water Safety, Health and Hygiene certificates are being issued or renewed by the concerned municipal or state authorities from time to time as per the prescribed term.


That the school will ensure that all required infrastructure is available with the school before starting classes.


That the school will ensure that sufficient number of qualified teachers as per the provisions contained in affiliation bye-laws are available with the school before starting classes.


That the school will follow the provisions related to fee contained in affiliation bye- laws and will disclose the details of the fee to the students/parents every year before start of session without resorting to any hidden charges in the heads of the


That the school will not coerce any student/parent to buy books/stationary/uniform from any particular shop.


That the school shall strive to make efforts for conservation of environment.


That the school will ensure that the school fulfills all essential requirement before applying for affiliation and will fulfill all other conditions post affiliation and comply with all the general rules as given in the affiliation byelaws or notified from time to time.


That in case affiliation has been with certain conditions, the school will not start CBSE pattern classes without submitting a certificate/affidavit to the effect that the school has complied with all the conditions imposed by CBSE and the post- affiliation conditions contained in affiliation byelaws along with general rules.


That State pattern classes IX to XII running prior to the affiliation to CBSE would be sponsored for the State Board Examination. State Pattern classes IX to XII will be closed in a phased manner. No admission will be taken in the State Board Pattern Class IX to XII after getting affiliation from CBSE. The State Board School will be discontinued after switchover to CBSE.




Solemnly Affirmed at _____________


On this _____day of __________


Signature of the Deponent



Deponent singed before me


Seal of the First Class Magistrate